Farewell, Facebook: a New Beginning

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last year pushing myself into social media. One of the first networks I joined almost a decade ago was Facebook, primarily as a way to keep in touch with extended family and old … Read more

#discussMatt24 – Monday

#discussMatt24 Where or when have you seen God in the midst of this broken world? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) November 3, 2014 #discussMatt24 I see God in my son working for justice for all everyday, even when the world considers him … Read more

#discussMatt24 – Sunday

#discussMatt24 The 25th anniversary tagline of the #ELCA is “Always Being Made New.” How have you seen or felt this in your own life? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) November 2, 2014

#discussMatt24 – Saturday

#discussMatt24 What has God done through you that she couldn’t do through someone else? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) November 1, 2014 @MrkDvdJhnsn God has saved a friend's life through me. I had no idea, but I prevented their suicide. #discussMatt24 — … Read more

Discussing Matthew 24:1-14

Hey everyone – I need your help!  I’m preaching at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia next Thursday (November 6th), and I’m trying something new: a community discussion of the day’s texts. But the discussion won’t be face-to-face. And it won’t happen … Read more