Who are you?

Salt Grains Himalayan

Grace to you and peace, from God our Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I’d like you to ponder a question today. Who are you? As an armchair sociologist, I really love this question. It seems to me that … Read more

The Church needs to be “re-membered”

I love being a pastor. There are some awesome perks – like leading God’s people in worship, having dinner at people’s homes, and being a visible advocate in the community. Although challenges abound, this is a vocation dedicated to loving and serving all of … Read more

#40days – Carry

Today’s reading Do you ever carry others – their things, their emotions, their hurts? Today’s gospel tells of a few people who carried a paralyzed man to see Jesus. As God’s people we’re called to lift up those who are hurting, … Read more

#40days – Reward

Today’s reading When you do something for another person, are you doing it for them or for yourself? Sometimes that question can be hard to answer. Today, Jesus reminds us that our ultimate reward is in heaven. So, keep doing good things – … Read more

#discussMatt24 – Wednesday

#discussMatt24 If you had to respond to all the problems of the world in one sentence, what would you say? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) November 5, 2014 .@MrkDvdJhnsn Love. #discussMatt24 — Inger Hanson (@ingerpoints) November 5, 2014