Mundane Thursday

I’d like to start by naming how tremendously difficult Maundy Thursday is this year. Maundy Thursday, a day all about community and communion, and yet we don’t really get to do either. There’s a certain amount of grief that we … Read more

Well, now what?

“Well, now what?” I don’t title sermons, but if I had to, that’d be it today. “Well, now what?” Of course, Sundays have titles, at least off-the-record. You now, there’s “Good Shepherd Sunday” and “John the Baptist Sunday,” not to … Read more

It’s not about the baby!

I’ve loved Christmas for a long time, but it’s not why you’d think. It’s not about the presents, it’s not about the cookies or the meals, it’s not about the snow – heck, it’s not even about the birth of … Read more

Holy Cross Day

The festival known as Holy Cross Day came about in the fourth century as a special day to celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin by his death on a cross. It’s not surprising, then, that one of the assigned readings is … Read more