Somewhere between broken and empty

It’s been a long three days. And when trying to name the exact feeling, that’s where I find myself. Somewhere between broken and empty. Over the last three days, the New Jersey Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America … Read more

If only…

Here we are, back in the season of Lent. Another 40-something days of fasting and praying, with no more “alleluias” until Easter. The season is an opportunity to look inward: to acknowledge our human nature, and to recognize how badly … Read more

What’s your excuse?

This coming Sunday I’m mostly preaching on the fantastic gospel reading from Luke, but there’s a really great story in the first reading that I won’t get to mention. After reading all the day’s texts, browsing through some commentaries, and … Read more

I no longer have a language

I love languages. I’ve always been fascinated by surprising connections from one language to another, and finding new ways to communicate is just something that gives me life. I can’t call myself a polyglot — someone who is fluent in … Read more

I need a sign. And a chart.

When I was growing up, my family had a dishwasher. We didn’t use it all the time (I’ll tell you stories about Grammy some other day), but with six humans living in one domicile, it was a helpful appliance when … Read more