New for 2015: Weekly Challenges

I recently started getting into photography. Although I don’t want to use my blog exclusively for photos (I use Flickr for that), I wanted to encourage myself to post some photos on here. I was also looking to try writing about some new topics. So to ring in the new year, I’ve subscribed to two WordPress Weekly Challenges!

The first is the Weekly Photo Challenge. Each week they provide a theme and invite photographers to interpret it with a photo. It’s a cool way to network with other bloggers and photographers – not to mention a way to add some of my photography to this blog!

The second challenge is the Writing Challenge. Similar to the Photo Challenge, WordPress provides a word, a theme, or a question and invites bloggers to respond. I’m aiming for one new post each week.

I hope you’ll check out some of these new posts, and I hope you enjoy some new ventures happening on my blog. It’s just another way that we’re all almost always being made sorta new!

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