Weekly Writing Challenge: Ice, Water, Steam

The WordPress Writing Challenge for this week approaches the theme of H2O – particularly that it’s one thing in three forms (ice, water, and steam). The prompt asks, “what does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?” My brain nearly split in half.

My academic side leaned toward Trinitarian theology. Since at least the fourth century, Christians have been bad at math. The earliest councils confessed that God is simultaneously one and three – Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer – yet one God. The same with Jesus – 100% human and 100% divine. Basic faith stuff, eh?

But my personal side took a different approach. I started thinking about the many Marks in the world. There’s the one who blogs, the one who refuses to ever make the bed, the one who gets cranky easily, the one who longs for justice in the world. There are the parts of me that I want to forget (or parts I want others to forget), and then there are the parts I hope everyone remembers whenever they think of me.

This got me wishing all these facets could be unified into one perfect Mark that the whole world could know and love. The fact is, no one knows the real me – perhaps not even myself. But there is a bit of grace dropped in that vortex of self-knowledge. God knows all of me, and God loves me – with my big heart and my short temper.

See, God is the one that intimately knows all of us – every part of each of us – and loves us anyway. So while we may long for a day when family, friends, and strangers can fully accept us without judgement, we take comfort in God’s love for us.

God knows you. God forgives you. God loves you. And that’s good news.

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