Discussing Matthew 24:1-14

Hey everyone – I need your help!  I’m preaching at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia next Thursday (November 6th), and I’m trying something new: a community discussion of the day’s texts. But the discussion won’t be face-to-face. And it won’t happen on November 6th. The discussion will happen via social media, and will help me preach the message that needs to be heard.

Each morning for the next week, I’ll ask a guiding question on social media, all with the hashtag #discussMatt24. When you write back with that hashtag, we’ll all be having the conversation together.

Be sure to post or tweet your answers with the hashtag #discussMatt24 so that we can all join the conversation – don’t just comment on the post! (I’ll be primarily using Twitter, so follow me if you don’t already!) If you use other social networks, please post on all of them so that everyone can join in.

This is an experiment both for a class as well as for my own future ministry – so please share the hashtag and post publicly! And most of all, thanks participation!

Join the conversation