I’m a pastor. Ask me anything!

We’ve all heard the expression “give something up for Lent.” This guilty pleasure is in our DNA as Christians: to abstain from fried foods, or Facebook, or some other unhealthy habit. Of course there’s the opposite approach where instead of giving up, we take something on. Maybe it’s a more regular gym schedule, or giving just a bit more to the church. (/sarcasm)

Whatever your Lenten discipline, you probably notice two things. First, you likely learn that God provides for you in ways you normally don’t recognize. Second, chances are you notice how bad you are at keeping a Lenten discipline.

In discerning what my own discipline will be – whether giving something up or taking something on – I’ve been brainstorming how I could combine the two things. I’ve wondered how I can share something with folks while also giving up a little bit of myself. And what I’ve come up with is #AskAPastor. (Yes, after growing up in New England, that rhymes.)

For the 40-something days of Lent, I promise to honestly answer any question asked of me. This doesn’t just mean online (although I’ll primarily use Twitter), but wherever I am. Because as a pastor I deal with questions all the time, but most people have questions than they’re unwilling to share. Maybe you’re curious or furious; maybe you’re afraid or ashamed.

This Lent, I invite you to ask that deep, dark question anyway. I don’t promise I’ll have the right answer. But I do promise to try my best. And I know of a few other colleagues on Facebook and Twitter who will be joining this Lenten discipline, so if I can’t give you peace, perhaps someone else can help.

Jesus spent 40-something days alone in the wilderness so we wouldn’t have to. What holds you captive? Can I unbind you?



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  1. surely indeed you touched me with your inspiration Pastor…may God bless and strengthen your work.AMEN. but i cant access you.. preferably email..am from Kenya- Africa

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