And they said,
“Why am I so favored,
that the bearer of my Lord
should come out to me?”

Zechariax was filled
with Holy Breath
and broke out in song:
“Bless the God of our ancestorx,
because they have come out
to redeem their people.”

And the Baptixer tried to stop Jesux,
and they said,
“I need to be baptized by you,
yet you come out to me?”

And they said,
“Come out,
follow me,
and I’ll show you
how to fish for people.”

And they said,
“Everyone whom God gives to me
will come out to me;
I won’t send away anyone
who comes out to me.”

And they said,
“Don’t even begin to think
that I have come out
to do away with
the Law and the Prophets.
I haven’t come out
to do away with them
but to fulfill them.”

And they said,
“Come out to me,
all you who are struggling
under heavy loads,
for I will give you rest.”

On the last and most important day of the festival,
Jesux stood up and shouted,
“All who are thirsty should
come out to me!”

And they said,
“the Human One didn’t come out
to be served but rather to serve
and to give their life
to liberate many people.”

Then Jesux called out to them and said,
“Allow children to come out to me.
Don’t stop them,
because God’s love belongs
to people like these children.”

And they said,
“Lord, if it’s you,
order me to come out
to you on the water.”

And they said,
“Do you think that I have come out
to bring peace to the earth?
I tell you,
I have come out instead
to bring division.”

Having said this,
Jesux called out with a loud voice,
“Lazarux, come out!”
And they
came out.

When they came out
to the place called the Skull,
they crucified Jesux there
along with two otherx—
one to their right,
and one to their left.

And they said,
remember me
when you come out
in Paradise.”

Jesux said to them,
“Come out,
have brunch.”
None of the disciples
could bring themselves to ask,
“Who are you?”
For they knew
it was the Lord.

There are many other things
that Jesux did—
if they were written down,
I think no closet could contain
all the books
that would still be
coming out.

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