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2 thoughts on “Almost always being made sorta new?”

  1. This is how I understand your dilemma. There is a cycle of life. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. There is also the cycle of all life. Birth. Aging. Sickness and death. Always, Always. This is how life works. If all of the life of nature goes through this cycle, why would humans be left out? Question to think about. Why is someone born into the circumstances they are? Beautiful, ugly, smart, stupid, rich country, poor country, loved, neglected. The list goes on. Why does the essence of life, or soul you might say be in anyone of these? Luck? Bad luck? Or lessons needed to be learned. I’m interested in your answer.

    • Hi Sonni,

      Thanks for your comments! You seem to bring up two themes, and to me they’re closely interwoven.

      First, the life/death, health/sickness thing. What matters the most to me is that these aren’t absolutes. I’m generally healthy, but my nose is a little stuffed up and my back is sore from sitting on the couch too long yesterday. I’m very much alive, but still barreling toward death. We are in a season of darkness, and yet the days are getting longer. I guess my point here is that we’re always at every point of the cycle, no matter where (or when) we are in our lives – and that’s pretty awesome!

      Second, about circumstances and luck. My answer might seem like a cop-out, but it’s not: sin. Do children die of cancer because they sinned? No. Do people lose their jobs because they sinned? No. Is our creation falling apart because I drive a Dodge Charger? Well, no…. My point is that we, humanity, are collectively sinful creatures. Cancer could be a result of our abuse of creation. Financial ruin could be a result of our never-ending desire for wealth. War could be a result of our need for power.

      Being human means all of these things. Sick and healthy, rich and poor, dead and alive, sinner and saint (a good ol’ Martin Luther reference).


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