Every congregation needs Digital Ministry.

It’s no secret that nowadays, every congregation – even yours – needs a website and a social media presence. In fact, rapid developments in technology and the social sphere have created a new mission field which the church is reluctant to encounter. My hope is to encourage and empower congregations to see digital ministry as, well, ministry!

But it’s not just about doing ministry digitally; it’s also about who does it. Whether you already have a website or social media profile, or you’re reevaluating your church’s digital footprint, you have probably asked the hard question: should we do it ourselves, or should we outsource? I know this because I’ve helped a number of congregations have that conversation. And I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else: do it yourself!

There are two reasons you should do it yourself.

First, there are people in your congregation with these gifts! These people have the creativity and skill needed to design and maintain a digital presence for your church, even if they need help to realize it.

Second, a church’s digital presence is an often-neglected ministry of evangelism, outreach, and community-building. It can be a way to let people serve in new and vibrant ways.

You can do it. And I can help.

I want to help your congregation see digital ministry as a means of faithfully engaging your community. And in doing so, I get to learn new ideas from you! So if you’re ready to have the conversation, or even if you just have questions, please contact me.

Your church can – and should – have a voice in the digital sphere. Let’s find that voice together.