#discussMatt24 – Friday

#discussMatt24 When have you worked really hard toward something, only to see it fail? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) October 31, 2014 My biggest fail? Pursing pharmacy school as a way to run from social work. #discussMatt24 — Lauren Applegate (@lappl87) October … Read more

#discussMatt24 – Thursday

#discussMatt24 Do you feel worthy to be a follower of Christ? Why or why not? — mdj+ (@revMDJ) October 30, 2014 #DiscussMatt24 I feel worthy to be a follower of Christ. In The Bible, God calls the most unlikely people, … Read more

Discussing Matthew 24:1-14

Hey everyone – I need your help!  I’m preaching at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia next Thursday (November 6th), and I’m trying something new: a community discussion of the day’s texts. But the discussion won’t be face-to-face. And it won’t happen … Read more

A thought for your Monday…

Itchy backs – proof that #God created us to be in relationship with others. — mdj+ (@revMDJ) September 15, 2014

Climbing walls

I recently joined a rock gym. I’ll admit I’m not very good at climbing yet, but I’m really enjoying myself. See, I know the importance of a rigorous workout a few times a week, yet aimlessly running 2 miles on … Read more

Why does Mark need another freakin’ blog?

That’s a fantastic question.  In April, I began blogging again after a year’s break.  I wrote once or twice a week until the end of May when I took a vacation – 17 days in southwestern Germany.  It was a great trip with … Read more