Ponder Anew

Branding has never been one of my strengths. That’s why the old title of this blog was “a somewhat sarcastic reading of the ELCA’s 25th anniversary slogan:” (almost) always being made (sorta) new. But since my first attempt at rebranding, … Read more

I’m a pastor. Ask me anything!

​We’ve all heard the expression “give something up for Lent.” This guilty pleasure is in our DNA as Christians: to abstain from fried foods, or Facebook, or some other unhealthy habit. Of course there’s the opposite approach where instead of … Read more

See, I am making all things new!

“See, I am making all things new.” How appropriate to read these words on this day; a day when we remember those who founded and led this nation from its first days. Today, we remember that the founders of this … Read more

A Prayer for Equality

On January 20th, a number of citizens gathered to witness the historic inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America. Many others gathered across the country to stand in solidarity against the hateful rhetoric upon which the president … Read more